02 : For Recruiters

00 : Bio

My passion for Informatics started in childhood, where with the help of my elementary school teacher I have started coding in QBasic. This kicked off my interest for graphic design, but after a while I concluded that coding is going to be my main area of interest. Although later I was a student in the Automatic Control and Computers for two years, and enrolled in Psychology as well, I have decided to continue only with the latter, because of the dynamics of coding and the fast pace, where you need to focus on learning and improving yourself constantly. My passion for informatics made its presence as well in my postgraduate studies, where I have continued with a MSc in Neurobiology, specializing in Bioinformatics and Molecular Modeling with Docking Techniques and QM/MM Methods.

01 : First Job

I was working for Telekom Romania Business Service Center’s department, as a Network Technical Support for premium services provided to Telekom’s corporate clients.
Among the most important responsibilities I had there I can mention troubleshooting and fixing an important area of IT&C services the company offered to its corporate customers.
At that moment, Telekom was providing solutions for: Internet, Internet, Virtual Private Network, Voice, E-mail and Hosting Services, and other Integrated Solutions.
The technologies that I have worked with were: xDSL, FTTx,VPN MPLS, VPNoI, VoIP, SIP Trunk, GSM. My capabilities for that job were: gathering accurate information from the client to start the troubleshooting, checking the first layer together with the client (link and power issues), then the CPE if it's working and if it's well configured (Modem/Router), then the infrastructure equipment (BRAS, DSLAM, PE). If a configuration or infrastructure problem was encountered, the issue was forwarded to NOC or IT department.

02 : Current Job

I am currently working as a QA Automation Engineer for Luxoft. I have been engaged in my current project almost from its start, undergoing all the stages of a QA project until its maturity.
I have been involved in a variety of tasks, such as: creating lab documentation, test plan design, manual testing, rest api automation, user interface automation, scheduling regressions, creating reporting scripts, creating performance automation framework, virtualization, network configuration, traffic analysis and so on.
My expertise is focused on networking products and automation. Some of the tools and technologies that I have an extended insight of are: Traffic Generators Avalanche Commander and Cyberflood with C1, C100MP, MX2, C100-S3, C200 appliances and cards. I have also used virtual generators such as Avalanche Anywhere, Avalanche Virtual, CFv deployed on ESXi, KVM, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud solutions.
In addition to the above mentioned, I am well acquainted with posix and win32 environments, Wireshark, iTest, Python, Selenium, Tcl, Bash, Batch, GitHub, SVN, Jira, Jenkins, Docker, TestLink and so on.
Lately I have been focusing on developing performance improving activities, optimizing tests to reach a better performance and different automation solutions in order to achieve the best performance in real time.

"The world is the totality of facts, not things."

Ludwig Wittgenstein


1934 Telephone Palace - My First Office Building